Lettuce Genetic Map Salinas X Serriola RILs December 2006

Access to Data March 2007

Raw Data

ril_data_2006_11_15XX.90RILs.loc - locus file with all available markers
ril_data_2006_11_15XX.90RILs.recbit.z_marker_sum - selection for "good" and non-redundant markers
ril_data_2006_11_15XX.90RILs.Matrix - pairwise distances for all markers

ril_data_2006_11_15XX.90RILs.xclean.loc - clean non-redundant locus file for clustering
ril_data_2006_11_15XX.90RILs.xclean.recbit.x_tree_clust.map.xls - clustering results (markers ordered according to RECORD, see below)
ril_data_2006_11_15XX.90RILs.xclean.Matrix - pairwise distances for "clean" markers

RECORD mapping:

Raw data (loc file): RIL_2006_11_15.JM_ABH.loc
RECORD output: RIL_2006_11_15.JM_ABH.log
Map (ordered markers): RIL_2006_11_15.JM_ABH.map

Visualization with CheckMatrix:
MadMapper and CheckMatrix

Zoomable version of the map (Click Here!)

JoinMap version: