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--- 2006 ---
Tang S, Hass CG, Knapp SJ.
Ty3/gypsy-like retrotransposon knockout of a 2-methyl-6-phytyl-1,4-benzoquinone methyltransferase is non-lethal, uncovers a cryptic paralogous mutation, and produces novel tocopherol (vitamin E) profiles in sunflower.
Theor Appl Genet. 2006 Sep;113(5):783-799.

--- 2006 ---
Hass CG, Tang S, Leonard S, Traber MG, Miller JF, Knapp SJ.
Three non-allelic epistatically interacting methyltransferase mutations produce novel tocopherol (vitamin E) profiles in sunflower.
Theor Appl Genet. 2006 Sep;113(5):767-782.

--- 2006 ---
Ellis JR, Pashley CH, Burke JM, McCauley DE.
High genetic diversity in a rare and endangered sunflower as compared to a common congener.
Mol Ecol. Aug;15(9):2345-2355.

--- 2006 ---
Timms L, Jimenez R, Chase M, Lavelle D, McHale L, Kozik A, Lai Z, Heesacker A, Knapp S, Rieseberg L, Michelmore R, Kesseli R.
Analyses of synteny between Arabidopsis thaliana and species in the Asteraceae reveal a complex network of small syntenic
Genetics. 2006 Aug;173(4):2227-2235.

--- 2006 ---
Pashley CH, Ellis JR, McCauley DE, Burke JM.
EST databases as a source for molecular markers: lessons from Helianthus.
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--- 2006 ---
Tate JA, Ni Z, Scheen AC, Koh J, Gilbert CA, Lefkowitz D, Chen ZJ, Soltis PS, Soltis DE.
Evolution and expression of homeologous loci in Tragopogon miscellus (Asteraceae), a recent and reciprocally formed allopolyploid.
Genetics. 2006 Jul;173(3):1599-1611.
Genetics web site

--- 2006 ---
Liu A, Burke JM.
Patterns of nucleotide diversity in wild and cultivated sunflower.
Genetics. 2006 May;173(1):321-330.
Genetics web site

--- 2006 ---
Lai Z, Gross BL, Zou Y, Andrews J, Rieseberg LH.
Microarray analysis reveals differential gene expression in hybrid sunflower species.
Mol Ecol. 2006 Apr;15(5):1213-1227.

--- 2006 ---
Ro DK, Paradise EM, Ouellet M, Fisher KJ, Newman KL, Ndungu JM, Ho KA, Eachus RA, Ham TS, Kirby J, Chang MC, Withers ST, Shiba Y, Sarpong R, Keasling JD.
Production of the antimalarial drug precursor artemisinic acid in engineered yeast.
Nature. 2006 Apr 13;440(7086):940-943.

--- 2006 ---
Syed NH, Sorensen AP, Antonise R, van de Wiel C, van der Linden CG, van 't Westende W, Hooftman DA, den Nijs HC, Flavell AJ.
A detailed linkage map of lettuce based on SSAP, AFLP and NBS markers.
Theor Appl Genet. 2006 Feb;112(3):517-527.

--- 2006 ---
Phillip N. Miklasa, Jinguo Hub, Niklaus J. Grünwaldc and Karen M. Larsen
Potential Application of TRAP (Targeted Region Amplified Polymorphism) Markers for Mapping and Tagging Disease Resistance Traits in Common Bean
Crop Science. 2006 46: 910-916.
Crop Science web site

--- 2005 ---
Lai Z, Livingstone K, Zou Y, Church SA, Knapp SJ, Andrews J, Rieseberg LH.
Identification and mapping of SNPs from ESTs in sunflower.
Theor Appl Genet. 2005 Nov;111(8):1532-1544.

--- 2005 ---
Argyris J, Truco MJ, Ochoa O, Knapp SJ, Still DW, Lenssen GM, Schut JW, Michelmore RW, Bradford KJ.
Quantitative trait loci associated with seed and seedling traits in Lactuca.
Theor Appl Genet. 2005 Nov;111(7):1365-1376.

--- 2005 ---
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--- 2005 ---
Mulvenna JP, Foley FM, Craik DJ.
Discovery, structural determination, and putative processing of the precursor protein that produces the cyclic trypsin inhibitor sunflower trypsin inhibitor 1.
J Biol Chem. 2005 Sep 16;280(37):32245-32253.
J. Biol. Chem. web site

--- 2005 ---
JINGUO HU; OCHOA Oswaldo E.; TRUCO Maria José; VICK Brady A.
Application of the TRAP technique to lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) genotyping
Euphytica. 2005, vol. 144, pp. 225-235

--- 2005 ---
McInnis SM, Costa LM, Gutierrez-Marcos JF, Henderson CA, Hiscock SJ.
Isolation and characterization of a polymorphic stigma-specific class III peroxidase gene from Senecio squalidus L. (Asteraceae).
Plant Mol Biol. 2005 Mar;57(5):659-677.

--- 2004 ---
Kolkman JM, Slabaugh MB, Bruniard JM, Berry S, Bushman BS, Olungu C, Maes N, Abratti G, Zambelli A, Miller JF, Leon A, Knapp SJ.
Acetohydroxyacid synthase mutations conferring resistance to imidazolinone or sulfonylurea herbicides in sunflower.
Theor Appl Genet. 2004 Oct;109(6):1147-1159.

--- 2004 ---
Christian Lexer, Zhao Lai and Loren H. Rieseberg
Candidate gene polymorphisms associated with salt tolerance in wild sunflower hybrids: implications for the origin of Helianthus paradoxus, a diploid hybrid species
New Phytologist Volume 161 Page 225 - January 2004
New Phytologist web site

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