Python Contig Viewer - Python Contig Viewer

to use Python Contig Viewer you need to download two files above and install Python and Tcl/Tk interpreters
general instructions how to use it at:

Current 'beta' version provides viewing the following assemblies:

HELI_7CDS.CSA1 (Contig range: 1 - 17041) - assembly of seven different Helianthus spp.

LACT_5CDS.CSA1 (Contig range: 1 - 13129) - assembly of five different Lactuca spp.

LACT_2CDS.CSA1 (Contig range: 1 - 9520) - L.sativa X L.serriola assembly for SNP discovery

AST_12CDS.CSA1 (Contig range: 1 - 28238) seven Helianthus + five Lactuca spp.

Examples of queries and output: