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    UC Davis

    Step 18: Oligo design

    Final steps of our SNP/INDEL pipeline are oligo (primer) design for PCR based molecular markers.

    We are using Primer3 program and contig_target_May_01_2003.pl Perl script to generate a set of oligos (primers) for PCR.

    contig_target_May_01_2003.pl script takes as an input two files:
    1. Table generated by Py_ContigViewer with info about region of interest
    2. Tab-delimited file with consensus sequences

    This web page describes briefly how to generate a table with "target" info. Next web page - how to obtain tab-delimited file with consensus sequences and "step 20" - how to run contig_target_May_01_2003.pl script and description of its output.

    Detailed description of Py_ContigViewer is available here. Below, just example screenshots for three selected contigs and table with "target" info generated by the viewer:

    By using "Add to list" function "primer_picker.in" table has been generated with "target" info for three selected contigs.