Python BLAST info viewer
Alexander Kozik and Brian Chan

Python BLAST Info Viewer is designed to view results of BLASTX search of the set of ESTs (or contigs) against Arabidopsis predicted proteins. The viewer displays graphical alignments for the first three best hits (if found) from BLAST report as well as intron-exon positions for Arabidopsis protein sequence.

Viewer interface:

Input files:

Three input files are required to run the viewer:

Program operation:

Select three types of input files described above (or agree with default names if you work with lettuce assembly). Click on Load All button, wait until all three files are loaded into memory. Then select contig ID or singleton ID of the sequence you like to analyze (Query ID entry) and click on corresponding Search button. Two new windows should appear displaying the alignment and corresponding DNA sequence. Change value "1" to "2" on the Hit N entry window and click Search button again. Graphical display for the second BLAST hit should appear. You can view alignments for the fist three best hits only.

The top bar of the alignment is a Arabidopsis protein sequence. The bottom bar is a EST sequence or contig. Overlap of the alignment is displayed in yellow (Arabidopsis) and green (EST query). Non-match regions are shown in blue. Intron positions in Arabidopsis sequence are shown by red triangles. Note, that all values are shown in nucleotides. If value is shown in amino acids the "aa" suffix is added to that value.

Examples of graphical display for contig QG_CA_Contig1258:

Note, that EST sequence could have reverse orientation to Arabidopsis protein. In this case you can see label R on the right side of EST bar. At the same time, regardless of forward/reverse BLAST orientation, sequence in the text window is always in forward orientation. Yellow color highlights portion of sequence corresponding to the alignment. Labels R or F of the Arabidopsis sequence correspond to Watson/Crick orientation of the gene on the genomic sequence and have nothing to do with orientation of the sequence in the BLAST report.

Download the program and example input files:

Python interpreter. You need to install it to run the viewer. the viewer source code. Arabidopsis genome coordinates.

x-let-ath-blastX.info2 Info2 file (lettuce set). Lettuce EST sequences (tab-delimited format)

x-sun-ath-blastX.info2 Info2 file (sunflower set). Sunflower EST sequences (tab-delimited format)


email: Alexander Kozik
last modified: February 05 2004